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In-game rules

The aim of this page is to present our rules in a manner that’s easy to understand for all our community. These rules apply uniformly to every user, regardless of their ranking or the length of time they’ve spent on the server.

As the owner of your Minecraft account, you are held accountable for all actions undertaken while connected to Provim. If a rule is infringed during your time online, suitable consequences will be enforced, consistent with the rules in which you’ve broken.

Our staff team invests significant effort in maintaining the safety and enjoyable atmosphere of Provim for all players. If you’re given a warning by a member of our team, you’re expected to respect their decision and work with them to resolve the matter.

1. General Conduct:

  • 🔸No griefing, altering, or damaging other players’ builds, including entities and mobs
  • 🔸No stealing or taking items from other players without consent.
  • 🔸Be respectful in all communications; no hate speech, slurs, or discriminatory language.
  • 🔸No spamming chat or using excessive caps.

2. PVP & Combat:

  • 🔸PVP must be consensual; no attacking other players without their agreement.
  • 🔸No trapping or imprisoning players.

3. Exploits & Cheating:

  • 🔸No use of hacked clients, cheats, or mods that provide unfair advantages.
  • 🔸No exploiting glitches or bugs; report them to the staff.
  • 🔸No item duping. You may dupe primed TNT though

4. Trade & Economy:

  • 🔸No scamming other players in trades or agreements.
  • 🔸Players should honor all agreed-upon trades and deals.

5. Building & Land Use:

  • 🔸Respect community and center building guidelines; no constructing inappropriate or offensive structures.
  • 🔸No building too close to other players’ structures without permission.
  • 🔸No unsanctioned terraforming of community areas.
  • 🔸No creating lag-inducing devices or machines.

6. Community & Collaboration:

  • 🔸Support community projects and adhere to collaboration rules.
  • 🔸No disruption or interference with community events.

7. Staff Interaction:

  • 🔸Follow the instructions of server staff and moderators.
  • 🔸No impersonation of staff or other players.
  • 🔸Do not argue with staff decisions in public; address concerns privately.

8. Additional Restrictions:

  • 🔸No advertising other servers or websites.
  • 🔸No minimaps which show caves or underground layers.
  • 🔸No sharing of personal or confidential information of others.
  • 🔸No posting or promoting illegal or adult content.

9. Consequences & Enforcement:

  • 🔸Failure to adhere to these rules may result in warnings, temporary bans, or permanent bans.
  • 🔸Consequences will be determined by the severity and frequency of the violation.

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