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Season 5 vote!

As long term Provim Crew may know, we typically reset twice a year. Last season (1.19 -> 1.20) was far longer than usual, as the time between the two versions was twice as long compared to the previous few seasons.
That’s why for this season we want to hold a community vote, to decide if we want to go back to our earlier reset schedule of ~6 months. This would put the next reset some time around 16 December.

As always, a server reset means a fresh start for everyone. New lands to explore and new bases to build, with the bonus of the new experimental features like autocrafters and trial spawners!
However, we understand that this also means letting go of your current progress, which is a decision that shouldn’t be made lightly. Do note, World Download and Schematics will be available as always if we vote to reset – and for the first time, Season 4 will remain open for a brief period after Season 5 launches at

To vote, simply react to this message with a for a server reset, or a if you’d prefer to keep things as they are.

Remember, your opinion matters and your vote counts. This is your server as much as it is ours, so let’s make this decision together.

(As an aside, there is a longer-term form factor Provim server in the works in addition to the standard server (less/no resets), but it’s not going to be ready for a bit)

Results will be totaled together with our ongoing vote in the discord

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