1.20 Vanilla-Esque Survival

Story 2.0 Custom Story Mode

Greetings, fellow Provimeers!

We have some exciting news to share with you all. Following a recent community vote, our Minecraft server is set to reset on June 7th, 2023. This decision marks a thrilling new chapter in our collective gaming journey, coinciding with the much-anticipated release of the Minecraft 1.20 update.

This update has stirred a great deal of excitement within our community. It's a beacon of new possibilities, promising fresh lands to explore, bases to build, and exciting adventures waiting to be experienced in Story 2.0. As we prepare to embark on this new journey, we want to ensure our fellow gamers understand what the server reset entails and the reasons behind it.

A server reset symbolizes a fresh start for all. It's a chance to rekindle the initial thrill of discovery that is at the heart of Minecraft, offering a brand new world ripe for exploration and creation. With our new 1.20 reset - the old World Download and Schematics will be available on our website here, ensuring your hard work and achievements can be preserved and revisited.

This decision was not made unilaterally; it was a collective choice. We held a poll to ensure every voice in our community was heard, and the majority voted for the reset. Remember, this is your server as much as it is ours, and your opinion matters. (Vote Results: 118 Yes, 13 No)

As we approach the reset date, we encourage you to look forward to the many new adventures that await us in the Minecraft 1.20 update. There will be new challenges to overcome, new territories to claim, and new memories to create together. Also be sure to join us for our End Of The World Event which is ongoing on the last day of the old season - June 6th

Thank you for being a part of our community and for participating in this important decision. We can't wait to see what we will build together in this new world. Get ready to embark on this exciting new journey on June 7th, 2023!

See you all on the other side!

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